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Pure Health Services is a holistic center that offers a variety of services to exceed your health and wellness needs. PHS strives to put the ‘CARE’ back into healthCARE. We accomplish this by always putting the patient first and providing a quality of care that is extremely rare. When necessary, we will coordinate care with other physicians for you so that you get the treatments you deserve in a timely manner. We not only treat our patient’s pain and disease states but we will search for problems that have not presented symptomatically yet.

We believe these tenets are
the basis of true healthcare.

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General Conditions

The Upper Back Knots
That Won't Go Away

Upper back knots are a common complaint amongst the regular massage clientele. Especially those knots that are resistant to being worked on in between the shoulder blade and the spine. The therapist is great at finding them and the pain you feel with the pressure is a ‘good hurt’. There even tends to be multiple in a line down the upper back.

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TMJ & The Cranio-
Dental Approach

Too many people suffer from temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD or TMJ Disorders). It could be as minor as a popping jaw or inability to open or close your mouth all the way. To as severe as clenching at night, during the day, resulting in jaw or face pain, tinnitus, vertigo, headaches, eye pains, and so much more.

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The Painful Knee:
An Alternate Approach

The knee, being the largest joint in the body, is often a source of great pain for many people. It is estimated that 32% of adults suffer with chronic knee pain. It is common to think, “I am weak-kneed” or “I have bad knees.” It is even common to hear that either one or both knees tend to “give out on me.” There are many factors outside of the knee that have created the perfect storm prior to the onset of your knee pain.

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Suffering From
Low Back Pain?

There are many different causes of low back pain. It can be as simple as a misalignment of the joint in the low back or pelvis, muscle spasm or it can be a more complex issue that requires a completely different approach. We are seeing more and more people in our office that have tried many approaches to helping their low back pain including pain killers, anti-inflammatories, chiropractic, physical therapy and more. One often-overlooked underlying cause of low back pain is due to a pelvic instability/hypermobility.

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Patient Testimonials

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I have had amazing results with just 4 treatment sessions. I walked in as a sceptic, not very encouraged to hope for much due to my previous unsuccessful experiences with managing my back pain. However; I left with no pain (zero) after the first visit. So far I am very pleased and grateful to regain quality of life I had lost due to my injuries. Dr. Chris explains everything very well and answers all questions.
Eveli O.
Verified Patient


My 6 month old was wheezing for weeks and Chris was able to manipulate his lungs and clear him up by the end of the session! Such a huge relief. Very informative and not your average chiropractor for sure. Highly recommended.
Alexus M.
Verified Patient


I have been seeing Dr. Pepitone for over a year now. He is excellent and usually resolves any acute issues I have in 1-2 sessions. He is not pressuring and is truly unique in his approach. He does so much more than a few small adjustments and really knows the connection between our structure and overall health. I highly recommend booking a session with him!
Shandrea H
Verified Patient

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