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Chiropractic care during pregnancy is one of the most vital parts of pediatric chiropractic. This is because the potential traumas that can afflict a child prior to birth may be able to be prevented or ameliorated. Birth can be the first incident in a long chain of events that gradually reduce an individual’s adaptive range. This is made most obvious by a breech pregnancy due to intrauterine constraint. Something that is very often effectively treated by chiropractors that are specially trained in pregnancy and pediatrics. Intrauterine constraint can create difficulties with the normal moulding process of the baby’s skull and result in plagiocephaly (oblique or flattened skull). Plagiocephaly is a treatable condition utilizing Chiropractic Craniopathy® or the cranial helmet.

Many pregnant women come to a chiropractor for low back pain. And although this can be very helpful to get one through the pregnancy it is preferable for them to begin care prior to pregnancy. This is because most often the major reasons for their back pain is poor musculoskeletal health that is made worse by the secretion of the hormone relaxin and the resultant laxity of ligaments. There are limitations to the types of treatments and exercises that can be performed on a pregnant mother depending upon how far into the gestation they are. This is why a proper assessment and plan of action to optimize the mother’s health, and subsequently the child’s health, is of the utmost importance.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is one of the most vital parts of pediatric chiropractic.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms

At Pure Health, we focus on optimal pelvic alignment and releasing tight muscles and spastic ligaments (specifically round ligament) that aid in correct fetal positioning.

Common symptoms specific to pregnancy that we have helped with:

Buttock Pain
Low Back
Upper Back
Neck Pain
Hip Pain
Round Ligament
Foot Pain
(When Arches Drop)
Pubic Bone/
Groin Pain
Some Cases of Fluid
(Depending upon the Cause)
(Frank, Footling,
and Transverse)

A healthy spine starts here.

Pediatric Chiropractic

The general understanding of good nutrition for a child is a key to good health. Another aspect of a child’s health is their musculoskeletal health. There is a saying ‘as the twig is bent, so grows the tree.’ If you have a child you are very aware of the falls and traumas they undergo and they seemingly overcome without serious problems; or so it seems. Children are a lot more adaptable than adults. But with each adaptation one will gain a guarding pattern that layers and layers, creating torsion, until the pain and problems can no longer be coped with. If there is a trauma muscles will splint. If the splinting is maintained then fibrosis will result to fortify the fatigued muscles. This will perpetuate asymmetries as a child grows which will create mechanical vulnerabilities. This means that the child as an adult will become more prone to injuries and pain.

Chiropractic care for children and pregnancy is a specialty that takes many hours of additional study and practice. The treatments are extremely gentle yet with a focused light force the appropriate corrections can be made to optimize a child’s and mother’s health and wellbeing. Another aspect of treatment is CMRT® which is an organ treatment technique. This has been shown to be extremely valuable for issues like constipation, diarrhea, GERD, and more. For more information on CMRT® please read the tab at top titled “Organ Manipulation and CMRT®”.

Common Pediatric Symptoms

Common symptoms we have helped children with:

(Oblique Shaped or Flattened Skull)
Latching Difficulty/
Failure to Suckle
Gag Reflex
Turning Head
Primitive Reflex

Sports Injuries
Certain Types Of
Nocturnal Enuresis
Otitis Media
Chronic Respiratory

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