What is SOT®

The Sacro Occipital Technic® is a system of chiropractic and chiropractic Craniopathy that integrates art, science and philosophy of optimizing the human innate healing systems. SOT® Methods utilizes a systemic and systematic approach to removing neurological/structural/functional interferences thereby returning the innate healing capacity to the system.

Specialized integrated procedures include chiropractic biomechanics, nutrition, functional neurology, soft tissue reflexes and chiropractic Craniopathy addressing the craniosacral respiratory mechanism.

SOT® Methods

SOT® Methods and SOT® Methods Craniopathy is the philosophy of art and science of restoring the innate healing capacity in humans utilizing a systemic and systematic approach to diagnosis and treatment of the neurological, structural and CSF flow mechanisms from a functional perspective.

Restoration or maintenance of health is accomplished through specialized integrated procedures including functional chiropractic neurology and biomechanics, nutrition, soft tissue techniques and the diagnosis and treatment of the craniosacral respiratory mechanism (CSRM). The techniques utilized in SOT® Methods promote optimal innate healing mechanics for the spine, pelvis, cranium, organs, extremities, nervous system, brain and muscles. These techniques promote balance, neurological integrity and integrated function of the organ structure and neurological mechanism.


Faster Healing Through a Comprehensive Approach

The Category System of Patient Analysis refers to the primary system dysfunctions recognized by DR. M.B. De Jarnette as most common all-inclusive on patients seen in the chiropractor's office.

The category system of patient analysis offers the practitioner a logical, balanced approach to patient care, leading you to the proper treatment approach. The Sacro Occipital Technic (SOT® Methods) indicators enable you to monitor your effectiveness and tell you when to change your approach. SOT® Methods practitioners are most often the chiropractors for other chiropractors in their communities.

Category I Category II Category III
Cranial Sacral Respiratory Mechanism
Chiropractic Manipulation Reflex Technique

SOT® Methods visceral techniques allow you to understand and treat your patient for a full-body point of view, leaving no stone unturned. Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique (CMRT) is an organized and effective approach to dealing with the viscero-somatic reflexes that are present in so many patients and that are a common cause of chronic subluxation.

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