What To Expect

What To Expect As A New Patient:

The amount of time for a new patient exam can vary. Depending upon the number of complaints it can range between one to three hours. Most commonly the exam is an hour long. The exams will involve taking an in-depth history of your current complaints, discussion about past injuries and how they may be contributing, review of systems (including but not limited to a review of medications, interactions, supplements, digestive problems, and anything else you may think is unrelated to traditional chiropractic), a full neurological and orthopedic examination of the areas of complaint along with any areas that may contribute to your suffering.

The exam will be followed by your first treatment, typically about an additional hour. In that hour we will go over a few exercises that will be important in holding your adjustments. Treatments include full-spine and extremity adjusting, including the cranium, soft tissue work that may include shockwave, cupping, gua-sha (see additional therapies). Throughout your care, we will be adjusting your at-home workout program as you progress. During the times you are not in the office, we are available 24 hours. As a current patient, one of our perks is email and text availability. So if you have questions about any exercises or get injured and need immediate treatment, we will always be available to you.


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